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Are you a singer who would like to develop your artistic identity and unique vocal sound? Would you like to explore vocal improvisation and improve your ability to trust your musical instincts? Do you often feel stuck within your repertoire and want to become more expressive and imaginative in your approach? Do you sometimes experience an inferiority complex around instrumentalists and want to advance your musicianship skills as a singer? 


The membership program is aimed at singers who want to dig deeper into understanding what is important to them as singers and as artists. You will receive guidance on how to build sustainable stepping stones toward your creative goals.

Beyond your individual lessons, you will receive access to a vocal exercise library and regular online classes and workshops. where you also get the chance to connect with an international group of singers.  

"I have learned about things I wasn't expecting to learn about. The warmth of the environment encouraged me to push myself to try new things. It has more than met my expectations."

The way she taught us, as individual voices, within a beautifully held, supportive group space, touched me deeply, as well as helping to develop many concrete new skills, in a very short time. Each day was filled with a mixture of warmth, practical guidance, discipline and precision, fun, hard work, creative imagination, and a lot of humanity'. 

I was impressed by the amount of progress I've witnessed with my singing during the week of the course. 

Emilia is an incredibly inspiring teacher who goes above and beyond to help you progress in your singing and your musical life in general. She is caring and kind, supportive and she really knows her stuff. Emilia has taught me for 8 years and I've never come across anyone who is quite like her. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Three month membership program

£675 (£225/monthly payments)

Early bird discount: £585 (£195/monthly payments)



Apply before 14th of December for an Early Bird Fee

Winter Season: January/February/March

Spring Season: 15thApril-15th July

Autumn Season: September/October/November

-Two individual lessons per month

-Access to an extensive vocal exercise library + Tailored practice routines. 

-Regular online masterclasses

-Access to an international community of singers

-15 min regular check in's 

-First priority on lesson slots.

-20% discount on all other individual singing lessons



January 3rd 19.00 Welcome meeting + Setting our creative intentions for 2024


January 3rd 19.00 Vocal workshop: The voice is an interactive system


January 4th 19.00 Vocal Workshop: Optimise the breath


January 5th 09.00 Vocal Workshop: The practice POD


January 6th, 14.00-15.30 Vocal Workshop: Warm up + Feedback session. 




January 9th 19.00 Class: GOAL SETTING

January 10th 09.00 Class: GOAL SETTING

January 16th 19.00 Class; HABIT FORMATIONS

January 17th 09.00 Class: HABIT FORMATIONS

January 23rd 19.00 Singers hang out 

January 24th 09.00 Singers hang out 

January 30th 19.00 Vocal Workshop

January 31st 09.00 Morning Warm-up




February 6th 19.00 Class: Make your practice FUN and inspiring

February 7th 09.00 Class: Make your practice FUN and inspiring

February 13th 19.00 Singers hang out

February 14th 09.00 Singers hang out

February 20th 19.00 Vocal Workshop

February 21st 09.00 Morning warm-up

February 27th 19.00 Class: GUEST ARTIST

February 28th 09.00 Class: Singers hang out




March 5th 19.00 Singers Hang-Out 

March 6th 09.00 Singers Hang out 

March 12th 19.00 GUEST ARTIST

March 13th 09.00 Morning warm-up

March 19th 19.00 Class: Vocal Improvisation and Jazz Phrasing

March 20th 09.00 Class: Vocal Improv and Jazz Phrasing

March 26th 19.00 Class: Performance Mindset

March 27th 09.00 Class: Performance Mindset

*March 28th, 19.00-20.30 FINAL PERFORMANCE



Membership Subscription-Premium

£130/month-Sign up for a minimum duration of three months

-Two individual lessons per month

-Access to an extensive vocal exercise library + Tailored practice routines. 

-20% discount on all other individual singing lessons

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