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Emilia Mårtensson is the founder and creator of 'Beyond Vocals'. She is a London based Swedish/Slovenian vocalist and composer of considerable repute. Since graduating from Trinity College of Music, Greenwich in 2007, Emilia has built a well- deserved reputation as one of the most exciting young vocalists on the UK Jazz scene and she was recently awarded 'VOCALIST OF THE YEAR-2016'at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards.

Live at The London Jazz Festival 2017

Composition by: The Magic Lantern (Jamie Doe). 

…”Martensson invest every sound with a skimming, rapturous lightness and clarity”… JF, The Guardian

Jamie Doe goes under the musical moniker 'The Magic Lantern'. 

Born in Australia before moving to the UK at 12, it was while studying philosophy in Bristol that Jamie began performing as The Magic Lantern in the DIY Bristol music scene. 

He has since released 5 albums of his own  and has made a huge print on the UK music scene. 2017 culminated in the release of his most recent single ‘Holding Hands’ which has already been streamed more than 100k times and been championed by the likes of Jacob Collier, Jamie Cullum and Tom Robinson. 

Official music video for 'Holding Hands' by The Magic Lantern released 30 October 2017 on Hectic Eclectic Records.

"Excellent, intriguing and compelling, a man to watch"-The Guardian

Luca Boscagin is a guitarist and composer and arranger and a highly 'in demand' accompanist for some of UK's leading vocalists including Heidi Vogel, Mishka Adams, Marta Capponi etc. 


Luca has two albums out in his own name and is also a frequent side man on projects featuring the likes of Alan Farrington, Francesco Bearzatti. He is a regular performer on the European Jazz Scene

Still crazy after all these years by Paul Simon

Anja Brenko is the founder of the highly reclaimed Yoga Studio 'Joga Soba'. Even today, she remains the only coastal studio specialising in yoga exclusivity. 

She completed her first certification for a yoga teacher at the SuryaSakti Studio in Ljubljana. The Yoga Path was upgraded under the mentorship of a variety of world renowned teachers (Jon Yuen, Richard Freeman, Ido Portal, David Robson, David Swenson, John Scott, BNS Iyengar, MV Chidananada, Manju P. Jois, Boris Georgiev and others). 

Five years ago, she met David Regelin, who impressed her with the sacred geometry of her body, the meaning of the form, and how it affects the emotional state of the body. She studied with David at two lengthy intensities. For the past four years she has been studying Kriya Tantra Yoga under the auspices of dr. Jonna Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) and Polone Sepe Hitchcox (Ambikananda).

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