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"I have learned about things I wasn't expecting to learn about. The warmth of the environment encouraged me to push myself to try new things. It has more than met my expectations." -Nell


"The course took me from amateur to being able to perform in a professional manner, in less than a week. Emilia was professional, creative, and incredibly supportive of all her students on the course, getting to know each of us individually and developing us in our own direction. Best thing I've ever done in my life"  -Alice


The way she taught us, as individual voices, within a beautifully held, supportive group space, touched me deeply, as well as helping to develop many concrete new skills, in a very short time. Each day was filled with a mixture of warmth, practical guidance, discipline and precision, fun, hard work, creative imagination, and a lot of humanity'. -Malka


My first time working with Emilia Martensson was on this year's course in Izola, Slovenia. I was impressed by the amount of progress I've witnessed with my singing during the week of the course, so I also decided to take a few one on one lessons with her. She helped me to improve my singing confidence, feel more free and relaxed when singing and let go of fear. Major progress was already seen after the first lesson. During the lessons I was introduced to a variety of different vocal technique exercises suitable for my voice type and the things I need to work on. I am also able to record all of the sessions, which is very helpful when practicing at home. I am always very excited about each session with her because it gives me a lot of encouragement and makes me feel inspired.




Emilia is an incredibly inspiring teacher who goes above and beyond to help you progress in your singing and your musical life in general. She is caring and kind, supportive and she really knows her stuff. Emilia has taught me for 8 years and I've never come across anyone who is quite like her. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!




Emilia is the best singer I have ever heard performing live and for me one of the best singers on the European jazz scene today. She does the music in the way it should be done and she also teaches it in the way it should be taught. Any singer at any level can gain very important advice from Emilia. She has the ability to see and bring out the best, as well as the uniqueness from you.




Emilia has taught me for 10 years! Beginning at my college and then after in private tuition. I can honestly say that she is the reason for my career path in Jazz and Blues Vocals. I have learnt everything I know from her, and am excited to keep learning the insane amount of knowledge she has to give in the future.
Not only is she herself an inspirational person, with her warm, colourful and original music, but also her welcoming workshops, lovely personality, and real talent in teaching music through new inventive strategies that do challenge any person no matter what age or level.
I cant thank her enough and highly recommend her as the best teacher, and now close friend, I have ever had.
Also... her annual Jazz Vocal Workshop in Slovenia is definitely the best part of my summer.




I've had so many different music teachers over the years and Emilia has by far been my favourite! She's an incredibly insightful teacher who knows how to bring the best out in every voice, she makes you feel totally at ease and her joy and passion is completely contagious.

She has also created a lovely singing community where you can meet likeminded people and continue to develop through peer support and encouragement. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Thanks, Emilia!




Emilia is a fantastic teacher. She is an incredible musician with massive experience, and a total inspiration and joy to work with. I have studied with her privately,at group workshops and at a summer course she runs in Slovenia and would not hesitate to recommend her as a vocal/ singing coach , particularly to anyone who is serious about learning the jazz repertoire and looking to explore the art and craft of singing with creative depth grounded in practical skills and training.




Lessons with Emilia are always fun, unique and inspiring!!! As a person Emilia is warm, welcoming and nonjudgmental which sets the tone for all of her lessons and workshops. Emilia's teaching style is focused, yet relaxed. She has really rejuvenated my warm up regime and her advice is always spot on particularly when it comes to ideas for song interpretation and quirky arrangements. It's such a treat to get to hear her sing and model ideas too️!I have learned so much from Emilia and I've still want to go back and learn more! Lessons with Emilia are like a vocal massage, you always come away feeling amazing afterwards. Xxx




I have known Emilia for 3 years, from her teaching on the Sligo Jazz Festival course, then at her own Beyond Vocals jazz in Slovenia (2 years) and several workshops and events in London, and private lessons. She is a fantastically inspiring teacher, sympathetic and sensitive to each student’s needs, as well as being one of the best jazz vocalists around herself. She knows a great deal about the technical side of singing, as well as helping with how to interpret a song in an individual way. I have made so much progress since working with her. My background as a university lecturer in music myself means that I feel well-placed to strongly recommend her teaching.




I met Emilia several years ago when she was tutoring at the Sligo Jazz Project and was impressed by her ability to bring out the best in her students from beginners to singers at a professional level. Since then I have attended many of her workshops and have had one to one classes which I highly recommend. She is a naturally gifted teacher and her lessons are well structured and tailored to the students’ individual needs. Emilia has definitely helped me progress in my singing.




I've had lessons from Emilia since I was about 14 (so 8 years), and I couldn't recommend her more highly. It's quite rare to find a teacher who really nurtures and encourages creativity as well as being technically informative and so experienced. She is a world class singer a natural teacher, and supportive friend.




Emilia has been giving me singing lessons since I was 15 at school and I am now 24 and have never wanted to leave! Never will you ever meet such an amazingly supportive and incredible teacher and person. Emilia has a huge knowledge of many different music genres and is very active in her own career as a jazz singer and composer which is very inspiring. She always puts emphasis on working towards where you want to go with your singing and genuinely cares. She is also incredibly funny and lovely to be around.

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