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Online Singing Lessons


  • 1 hour
  • 55 British pounds
  • ZOOM/Online

Service Description

I work together with my students in developing clear goals and structure around their singing, creativity, and career development and support them in finding a consistent route toward becoming the singers, artists, performers, musicians, and bandleaders they strive to become. TOGETHER WE'LL EXPLORE THE FOLLOWING TOPICS! How do I practice and what do I practice? In our first lesson, I will diagnose your voice and provide you with a customised vocal routine aligned with your wishes, needs, and lifestyle. Vocal Technique & The Beyond Vocals Exercise Library: My passion as a singing teacher is to hone in on every singer's natural and unique sound and to work towards strengthening and refining what's already accessible, as well as expanding beyond. Being a great singer is in my opinion not about having the best chops and advanced instrument, instead, I believe it is about having a really sophisticated awareness of how YOUR voice works. The Beyond Vocals Library includes vocal routines covering: -Breath control and coordination -Strength and flexibility -Timbre and nuance -Optimisation of resonance -Pitch control -Rhythm and time Etc. The style of your breath is the style of your singing: Breathing should feel easy. Very often we overcomplicate it as singers. We'll explore the benefits of nose breathing and the importance of being in a 'rest and digestive state' whilst working on your breathing techniques. Our voice and our body: As singers, we need to develop a mature awareness of posture and how our individual body and mind are connected. We will explore how we can optimise breath through body movements and how these also can take us out of our mind and deeper into our bodies. We sing with our minds: Working on our mindset around creativity, expression, vulnerability, our strengths, and our weaknesses as singers and performers is equally as important as practicing fancy vocal exercises. Together we can explore a range of exercises in how to develop a more healthy mindset around our singing. Singers are musicians! I am passionate about helping singers become better musicians through exploring topics such as how we communicate our musical ideas and lead a band. Trust your musical instincts! We all want to be able to get to a place where we can sing what we hear at that very moment. We'll explore through vocal improvisation. Other topics: The Jazz Approach How to learn repertoire well How to prioritise our creativity And more.....

Cancellation Policy

No refund is available once you have booked your session. Please give 24h notice if you want to reschedule your lesson. A cancellation fee of £50 will apply when canceling less than 24h before your scheduled lesson.

Contact Details


Finsbury Park, London, UK

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