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'Get inside a song'
Approach music like a jazz singer
July 15th-20th, ZOOM, Early Bird Deadline 28/6

​​Would you like to spend a week this summer improving your voice and finding your creative direction within the jazz repertoire together with a like-minded group of singers zooming in from across the world?

The online course is a spin-off of our yearly Jazz Summer Cousre in Izola, Slovenia. 


The main aim of the course is to provide a fun and creative week together with like-minded singers. We'll pour some love and care into our voices whilst exploring a PLAYFUL approach to interpreting standard and contemporary jazz repertoire.


The classes aim to deepen your understanding of jazz repertoire and the jazz approach and help you structure a practice routine that optimizes PLAY and CREATIVITY in your delivery of any songs.


The week will consist of some of my favorite classes and workshops from the past 10 years of the course, which focus on jazz phrasing, storytelling, vocal improvisation, artistic identity & creative direction, and vocal technique. We will spend time listening to and analyzing some of our favorite singers as well as practicing and workshopping musical concepts together over pre-recorded backing tracks.


As part of the course, you will have a total of TWO 1:1 singing lessons with me. (You will have one lesson during the week and one follow-up lesson later in the summer/early autumn).


All classes & workshops will be recorded and you will have access to these for ONE YEAR including access to The Beyond Vocals Exercise Library, which contains jazz exercises and vocal exercises, all for the purpose of helping you stay on track with your practice.


I want you all to walk away with a clearer view of your creative direction and to have a better understanding of HOW to practice WHEN to practice, and WHAT to practice.



What is included in the course?

5 DAYS x 3h evening group session on ZOOM (see timetable below)


TWO 1:1 Online singing lessons with Emilia (All day on weekdays)


1 YEAR ACCESS to all course content. (All classes will be recorded)




1 YEAR ACCESS to The Beyond Vocal Exercise Library


30% Discount on additional 1:1 vocal lessons with Emilia until 31st DEC 2024

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Monday 15th July 17.00-20.00


17.00 Introduction

17.30 Goal setting Session

18.00 Build a "Jazz" vocal routine"


15 min Break


18.45 Learn the standard 'There will never be another you' inside and out. (Jazz Harmony)

20.00 END 

Tuesday 16/7  17.00-20.00


17.00 Let's look after our voice

17.30 Jazz Phrasing

18.00 Improvising using lyrics


15 min Break


18.45 Finding YOUR Creative Direction & Artistic Identity

20.00 END


Wednesday 17/7 17.00-20.00


17.00 Call and Response (Warm-Up/Transcribing Jazz Language)

17.30 Storytelling (Ballad: What's New)

18.00 Musical Concepts and Elements for Contrast


15 min Break


18.45 Listening Session: How do some of the GREATS deliver a story?

20.00 END

Thursday 18/7 17.00-20.00


 17.00 Vocal Improvisation Class

18.00 Improvisation Workshop


15 min Break


18.45 OPEN WORKSHOP: explore your musical ideas

20.00 END

Milly and Luca 3.jpg

Friday 19/7 17.00-20.00


17.00 Performance Mindset Class

18.00 OPEN WORKSHOP: explore your unique approach to repertoire




19.15 Class: How do we prioritise our creativity within our busy lifestyles and HOW do I practice, When do I practice and WHAT do I practice?

20.15 END

Saturday 20/7 11.00-12.30


This session is an opportunity to summarise the week and ask any questions about the course material and beyond. 

Izola Sofia Workshop 2.JPG

How to apply 

Apply via email:

Answer Three Questions:

In your email, please provide thoughtful responses to the following questions:

a. What are your primary aspirations for your future career and creative development?

b. What are the main challenges and obstacles you currently face as a singer?

c. What would be the ideal outcome for you from participating on this course?


Send your application materials and responses to

As part of your application, we offer a complimentary 15-minute online one-to-one session. This is an opportunity to meet your vocal tutor Emilia, and address any questions you may have about the course.

Fees & Deadlines

Early bird Deadline: 28th of June, €375
Final intake 8/7: Original fee €425.

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