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Dates for 2023:
14th-19th of August

Izola, Slovenia
Open application process 1/4-1/5
All successful applicants will get notified on the 15th of


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The course is aimed at singers of an intermediate to advanced level and is designed to move singers forward, whether they are in the midst of their musical career or embarking on one. 


The main focus of the course is to help singers become better-equipped musicians and bandleaders as well as advance in their vocal abilities. We approach vocal technique with the intention to improve, stabilise and nurture the singer's natural and individual sound. 


Expect a well-structured week that offers a wide variety of masterclasses and workshops which are grounded in the view that Jazz is an approach to music, as well as a broad genre. This approach helps us to develop the ability and courage for making musical decisions in the moment and directs us towards trusting and improving our musical instincts.


The course offers regular performance opportunities where you as a student, get the chance to perform together with highly acclaimed professional jazz musicians. The week leads up to a final concert where each singer performs two songs in front of a live audience in the local square of Izola.

"-We want to aim towards being able to transcend into the music and sing what we hear within a moment in order to create something new in each of our performances". 

As part of the course, we will be studying standard and contemporary jazz repertoire. Students are encouraged to explore the 'jazz approach' aligned with their own unique influences and musical references. 



In this 9th edition of the Beyond Vocals Jazz Summer Course, we are adding an extra day (3 days in total) with the full rhythm section. (More info about the line up coming soon). 

As part of creating more momentum for our participants, we this year extended the course with online classes prior to, and post the course week. 

-A group online GOAL SETTING session prior to the course

-An online handbook including vocal practice routines, playlists, and a setlist of standards with lead sheets and audio files/piano accompaniment.


The course has an organic open structure, meaning that we will always consider what the individual would like out of the course. 


You will be working closely with award-winning jazz vocalist Emilia Martensson and highly acclaimed pianist Matt Robinson from London.


Every year a professional rhythm section is invited to explore and workshop repertoire with the students.

Read more HERE


Beyond Vocals Jazz Summer Course takes place inside the stunning premises of The 'Manzioli Palace,' located in the most central point of the old town. The performance hall provides excellent facilities and space such as a grand piano, stage, and vocal PA, and carries Venice's Gothic style characteristics. 



The week is an opportunity to meet new like-minded people and great singers from all over the world. During the week we'll be enjoying beautiful meals together at some of the local restaurants, picnics by the sea, and of course, the annual boat trip where we grab a guitar and sail out to serenade the sunset together accompanied by local wine and food. 



Izola is an old fishing town in SouthWestern Slovenia on the Adriatic coast of the Istrian peninsula. There is an energy here that is hard to describe, and it is a perfect place for relaxation and creativity. The locals of Izola are magical creatures who embrace the Beyond Vocals students every year with open arms and love to visit all the many jam sessions and concerts we present on the local square during the week.

Find out more about Izola HERE.


HOW TO APPLY- (Deadline 1st of MAY)

The course allows 12 singers MAX.

Intake will be based on an "audition" type process to maintain an equal level throughout the group. You will be asked to provide a short biography and two contrasting recordings. 


In the case of having to postpone the course, you can expect a full refund. 


If you have any questions please email Emilia at beyondvocalsuk@gmail,com 

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