14th-19th September 2020

Every August 'Beyond Vocals' host a Jazz Vocal Summer Course in Izola, a magical little fishing town on the coast of Slovenia. 

Due to Covid-19 2020 has been postponed to 14-19 of September!

The course is aimed at singers of an intermediate to advanced level who are wanting to gain more performance experience and learning new skills to propel them forward in there singing career. 

Expect to have some of the most fun you've ever had whilst immersing yourself in lots of music and intense learning. 



The course is run by professional and award winning musicians and accompanists and is aimed at singers of an Intermediate-Advanced level.

The main aim of the course is to develop vocal technique and musicianship skills to a place where you feel confident to ‘sing and express what you are hearing in the moment’. 


Expect a well structured week that offers a wide variety of classes and workshops as well as regular performance opportunities such as jam sessions and open mic nights. The course has an organic open structure, meaning that we will always take in to account what the individual would like out of the course.


The week leads up to a final performance where you get to perform with a professional rhythm section in front of an eager audience on the main square of Izola. 


The main focus of the course lies in developing personal expression and individual sound through exploring the 'jazz approach’. This includes looking at improvisation, the art of listening, the ability to interact with your fellow musicians and improving band leading skills.

This course is perfect for you if you would like to spend a focused amount of time developing your general musicianship skills as a singer and gain further experience  in performing. The course will be tailored both for professional singers as well as singers who might be auditioning for music colleges or singers who generally want to gain more experience and build up confidence



Beyond Vocals Jazz Summer Course takes place inside the stunning premises of The 'Manzioli Palace', which is located in the most central point of the old town. The performance hall provides excellent facilities and space such as a grand piano, stage and vocal PA and carries characteristics of the Gothic style typical of Venice. 



The week is an opportunity to meet new likeminded people and great singers from all over the world.. During the week we'll be enjoying beautiful meals together at some of the local restaurants, picnics by the sea and of course the annual boat trip where we grab a guitar and sail out to serenade the sunset together accompanied by local wine and pizza from the legendary pizzeria Napa.



Izola is an old fishing town in SouthWestern Slovenia on the Adriatic coast of the Istrian peninsula. Everyone who comes here always come back.!!

There is an energy here that is hard to describe and it is a beautiful space to relax and be creative in, and don't get me started on the food and the wine....! But on top of the list it is the beautiful people here that make Izola what it is and every year they embrace my students and the course with open arms and together we all have the best time!

Find out more about Izola HERE.



The course allows 12 singers MAX.

Intake will be based on an "audition" type process in order to maintain an equal level. This will include providing a short biography and a two contrasting recordings. 

The deadline to apply THIS YEAR is a little later than usual due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Please get in touch before the 1st of JULY is you are interested.

In the case of having to postpone the course you can expect a full refund. 


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Address: Beyond vocals is based in North London



I have always dreamt about running my own Vocal Festival and in September 2018 I arranged my very first 'Beyond Vocals' Festival in my beloved Izola in Slovenia, which is my second home. The festival offers an exciting program of concerts and open mic sessions as well as workshops and masterclasses for singers of all levels, (age 18 and above) who are interested in jazz, folk and contemporary music. The festival takes place over a long weekend in September and is a chance to combine a summer holiday by the sea with inspiring and developing vocal workshops and masterclasses. In the evenings, after your afternoon swim in the Adriatic sea, you get to immerse yourself in amazing vocal music ranging from Jazz, Folk, Art.Pop, Classical, World etc. All concerts takes place in the evenings on the local square. -VOCAL MASTERCLASSES AND WORKSHOPS -ENSEMBLE SINGING AND GROUP WORK -EVENING CONCERTS presenting some of Beyond Vocals favourite singers -OPEN TO ALL SINGERS of all musical backgrounds and experiences 18+ Last years performances were:The Magic Lantern, Fini Bearman, ELDA Trio ad Marina Martensson. FOR MORE INFO GO TO 'BEYOND VOCALS FESTIVAL' or email me: