Beyond Vocals Jazz Summer Course in Izola

Beyond Vocals Jazz Summer Course is held in the beautiful surroundings of the old fishing town Izola on the coast of Slovenia. The course takes place inside the stunning premises of The 'Manzioli Palace', which is located in the most central point of the old parts of Izola. The performance hall provides excellent facilities and space such as a grand piano, stage and vocal PA and carries characteristics of the Gothic style typical of Venice. 


2018 will be the fifth year that Emilia will be hosting this week in her Mothers birth town Izola. You will fall in love with the place and it's people whilst having a week full of music, singing and performing together with wonderful like minded people and inspiring professional musicians. 


"I have learnt about things I wasn't expecting to learn about. The warmth of the enviroment encouraged me to push myself to try new things. It has more than met my expectations." -Nell


"The course took me from amateur to being able to perform in a professional manner, in less than a week. Best thing I've done in my life!"-Alice


"...brilliant teaching...delightful food for my soul..."-Nicole


"One of the highlights were all the lovely people who were on the course and the new friendships that were made! Everyone involved were so wonderful!" It was an incredible week and I hope to do the course again next year!"-Daisy


     DATES FOR 2019: 12th-17th of August!!!! Deadline to apply: 1st of May!!!!

The course is aimed at singers on an Intermediate-Advanced level with some previous experience in singing Jazz.  (You should at least have some knowledge or interest in exploring this approach). The main focus of the course lies in exploring and developing personal expression and individual sound/approach. All ages are welcome although you have to be over the age of 18. We take the maximum of 12 students per year so make sure you book well in advance. 

This course is perfect for you if you would like to spend a focused amount of time developing your general musicianship skills as a singer and gain further confidence in performing. The course will be tailored both for experienced performers and singers as well as singers who might be auditioning for music colleges or who generally want to gain more experience and build up confidence. 

The idea behind this course is to provide a well structured week that offers a wide variety of classes and workshops as well as regular perfromance opportunities.   The course has an organic open structure, meaning that we will of course take in to account what the individual would like out of the course. The week leads up to a final performance where everyone gets to perform with a professional rhythm section in front of a real audience. 

We start our days with classes on Vocal Technique, Building Repertoire, The fundamentals of how to sing Jazz, Performance Technique, (etc..)

Lunch is held at Izola's best Fish Resaturant and there after the day continues with a variation of Workshops including 'Band leading skills', 'Interpretation of Repertoire' and 'Different approaches to Improvisation'. 

The evenings will be full of fun Jam Sessions, Concerts and Boat trips. We finish the week with a big concert!

In your spare time you have a choice of many amazing cafes and restaurants. You are always 5min away from a dip in the sea and over the weekend you get to enjoy a fish and olive festival!!  What has been so wonderful the previous years is that we have ended up spending most of our free time together as a group, enjoying the good food and wine and live performances on The Manzioli Square!


The course allows 12 singers only and the intake will be based on an "audition" type process in order to maintain an equal level. 


I will ask for a short biography as you apply where I would like for you to explain your background in singing/jazz and I will aslo ask for links to your music such as mp3/youtube/soundcloud. (You can also book in a consultation lesson over skype or in person).



The deadline to apply is on the 1st of MAY and should you be accepted on to the course then you will receive your confirmation together with all info no later than the 15th of May. 


I look forward to hear from you!



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