How to get there

IZOLA is an old fishing town in SouthWestern Slovenia on the Adriatic coast of the Istrian peninsula. Its name originates from the Italian Isola, which means island.​​  This region borders with Northern Italy and Croatia. 


There are several ways to get here:

(The logistics of transport to and from airport is something we'll work out once we know how people are planning their travels). 



​FROM LONDON (quickest and cheapest options:


  • RYANAIR from London Stansted to TRIESTE, ITALY (Ronchi Airport). From the airport you BOOK a shuttle bus to Izola Bus station. BOOK WELL IN ADVANCE HERE:

  • EASYJET OR WIZZ AIR from Stansted or Luton Airport. From the airport you BOOK a shuttle bus to Izola Bus station. BOOK WELL IN ADVANCE HERE:

  • BRITISH AIRWAYS AND EASYJET fly from London to Venice, (there are two airports in Venice). From Venice you could take a train to The Central Station in TRIESTE and then get a shuttle bus. OR you could book a GoOpti shuttle bus all the way from Venice. (Not too expensive)

Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions regarding flights and transport and if you are travelling from a different country. The three nearest airports are however: TRIESTE, LJUBLJANA AND VENICE.


Find out more information about how to travel to Izola here.

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Address: Beyond vocals is based in North London



I have always dreamt about running my own Vocal Festival and in September 2018 I arranged my very first 'Beyond Vocals' Festival in my beloved Izola in Slovenia, which is my second home. The festival offers an exciting program of concerts and open mic sessions as well as workshops and masterclasses for singers of all levels, (age 18 and above) who are interested in jazz, folk and contemporary music. The festival takes place over a long weekend in September and is a chance to combine a summer holiday by the sea with inspiring and developing vocal workshops and masterclasses. In the evenings, after your afternoon swim in the Adriatic sea, you get to immerse yourself in amazing vocal music ranging from Jazz, Folk, Art.Pop, Classical, World etc. All concerts takes place in the evenings on the local square. -VOCAL MASTERCLASSES AND WORKSHOPS -ENSEMBLE SINGING AND GROUP WORK -EVENING CONCERTS presenting some of Beyond Vocals favourite singers -OPEN TO ALL SINGERS of all musical backgrounds and experiences 18+ Last years performances were:The Magic Lantern, Fini Bearman, ELDA Trio ad Marina Martensson. FOR MORE INFO GO TO 'BEYOND VOCALS FESTIVAL' or email me: