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There is a wide variety to choose from in terms of accommodation including cheap (and lovely) hostels, holiday flats and luxurious hotels.  


You want to make sure you book in or close to The old town and within walking distance to Manzioli Square,  where the course takes place. 

Scroll down for links and suggestions. 

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Hotel Marina 3.jpeg
Hotel Marina 2.jpeg
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Some suggestions...

BOOK NOW TO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE! Izola gets booked up quickly during the summer! Now's the time!

In previous years people have teamed up and booked accommodation together. Please send me an email if you wish to team up with someone and I will help out in organizing this. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding accommodation. 

Hotel Marina (The most expensive but super nice and right next door to the course venue)

Apartment Svobode Izola

Guesthouse Centrum B&B 


Apartments SOL

Hostel Alieti (Very cheap high standard hostel. Right next to the course venue).

Happy Casa Isola Piccola

Little house - Hiška (This is my cousin's place! Right in the center 2min from the venue. For 2 people or 4 if couples.)

Cape Town Apartments Izola

Apartments & Rooms Nardin

Rooms Neda

 Izola Apartment​

Zaro Apartments 

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