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​​The course is primarily aimed at singers of an intermediate level,  HOWEVER,  if you're a singer who is just starting to dip your toes into the jazz approach and vocal improvisation, then you're very welcome as well. All classes can be attended on MUTE and it's optional to come off mute for feedback at any time. 

As singers, we wear many hats - musicians, artists, performers, and bandleaders. My goal is to craft a course that empowers you in every aspect of your musical journey, guiding you toward discovering your unique artistic voice and direction.

The course is therefore a blend of vocal work and self-reflective work for finding creative direction and to develop own artistic vision. 

Included in the course is a total of TWO 1:1 singing lessons with me. In these sessions, we'll work on your individual repertoire towards elevating vocal freedom as well as creative freedom. 

Monday 15/7 

17.00 Introduction

A short introduction to the week and to the group

17.30 Goal setting Session

Before fully diving into this week, we will go through a process of exploring what is truly important to us at the moment when it comes to our musical life and develop a creative compass for ourselves.  

18.00 Build a "Jazz" vocal routine

We will proceed with a vocal warm-up and vocal workout that emphasizes on jazz harmony and jazz language. 

15 min Break

 18.45 Learn the standard 'There will never be another you' inside and out. (Jazz Harmony)

The final part of the session will focus on how we go about learning a song from the inside and out. We are going to learn the melody and the harmonic structure of Jazz Standard 'There will never be another you'. It's only once we have internalised a song's knots and bolts this way that we are able to really PLAY inside of its frames. 

20.00 END

Tuesday 16/7

17.00 Let's look after our voice

Today's session will start with a vocal routine that emphasizes vocal health and what we need to implement in our daily vocal routine to optimize, resonance, freedom, and longevity. 

17.30 Jazz Phrasing

We'll continue exploring the standard 'There Will Never Be Another You' and work on ways to approach phrasing starting from a lyrical point of view and later moving on to approaching it from a rhythmical angle. 

18.00 Improvising using lyrics

 We will use some of the tools from our jazz phrasing class and take things to the next level and use 'There Will Never Be Another You' as our playground, aiming for total control and freedom within the harmonic structure 

15 min Break

 18.45 Finding YOUR Creative Direction & Artistic Identity

In this session, we are going to address how we find our own creative direction. What moves you musically? What stories do you want to tell? What venues do you see yourself playing in? Who are your collaborators? What is YOUR story? 

20.00 END

Wednesday 17/7

17.00 Call and Response (Warm-Up/Transcribing Jazz Language)

In today's warm-up, we are going to explore jazz language using scat syllables over simple vamps. We are also going to transcribe a Chet Baker solo together. 

17.30 Storytelling Workshop (Ballad: What's New)

As singers, we are storytellers. In this session, we are going to explore and workshop how YOU would choose to tell the story of the standard 'What's New". 

18.00 Musical Concepts and Elements for Contrast

Continuing on we'll dive deeper into 'What's New' to find more contrast and nuance using musical concepts, ideas of arrangement, and elements for contrast. 

15 min Break

 18.45 Listening Session: How do some of the GREATS deliver a story?

We are going to listen to and analyze singers like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald as well as modern day singers like Cecile McLorin Salvant and Samara Joy. I also would like to emphasise and compare these lovely singers from US with some of my favorite singers from Europe including Sidsel Endresen, Heidi Vogel and Norma Winstone. 

20.00 END

Thursday 18/7

17.00 Vocal Improvisation Class

In this class, we'll explore a wide range of improvisational tools and concepts. We'll also gain inspiration from amazing artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Mel Thorme, and Meredith Monk. 

18.00 Improvisation Workshop

 Let's put some of these tools and concepts into practice. We'll practice (on mute) over a range of sounds including vamps and simple chord progressions. And we'll come up with our own 3-minute solo for a solo acapella performance. (Come off mute if you like for feedback, but not obligatory). 

15 min Break

 18.45 OPEN WORKSHOP: Explore and communicate your musical ideas

In this session, we are going to explore different ways of approaching your own chosen repertoire. We'll hone in on storytelling, expression, imagination, and creative direction. We'll also explore HOW you communicate your musical ideas to a band in a rehearsal situation as well as during a performance. 

20.00 END

Friday 19/7

17.00 Performance Mindset Class

So much goes into preparing for a performance. It is sometimes difficult not to become too attached to the outcome of that performance. This class will help you put things into perspective and hand you tools to get into a healthy frame of mind before your next performance.  

18.00 Explore and communicate your musical ideas

Continuing from yesterday's workshop. Bring your own repertoire. 

15 min Break

19.15 Class: Prioritise our creativity

How do we prioritize our creativity within our busy lifestyles and HOW do I practice, When do I practice and WHAT do I practice? In this session, I will hand you some useful tools for creating systems and structures around optimising and prioritising our creative projects and goals. 

20.15 END

Saturday 20/7

12.30-14.00 Q & A

This session is an opportunity to summarise the week and ask any questions about the course material and beyond. 

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