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About 'Beyond Vocals'

Lovely photo’s taken by @davidharveyscen

Hey, I am Emilia. I am a singer, voice teacher, and recording artist with several years of touring experience as a bandleader. 


I developed Beyond Vocals in 2013 as a platform and community for singers with an interest in contemporary jazz and improvised music. I collaborate with highly acclaimed award-winning musicians in developing inspiring and dynamic experiences for singers, including jazz summer courses, workshops, masterclasses, recording opportunities, and open mic sessions. 

I am passionate about helping singers advance their technical vocal abilities, whilst cultivating their unique and natural sound, and becoming better-equipped musicians and bandleaders. 


I work with singers towards optimizing their creative process and help them progress by looking at all aspects of vocal artistry. This includes working towards developing sustainable and inspiring practice routines whilst implementing healthy habits and a fresh mindset around their creativity.  I work together with my students in developing clear goals and an inspiring vision for their singing careers and support them in finding a consistent route towards becoming the singers, artists, and performers they strive to become. 

'It can still be pretty rare to find someone at the top of their game as an artist and musician, who is able to communicate and share their insight and depth of knowledge: someone, who seems genuinely dedicated to bringing out the absolute best in each person, wherever they are currently at in their musical journey, with so much energy, professionalism, and heartfelt honesty and wisdom.








































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