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Spring season 15th of April-15th of July 2024

Join our international vocal community through a 3-month program filled with regular online classes, singer's hang-outs, online open mic sessions, and more. Receive individual coaching and access to an extensive vocal exercise library.


Spring Season

15th April-15th July


Included in your 3-month membership:

Two individual lessons per month

(Six lessons in total + 30% discount on any additional lessons)

Access to an extensive vocal exercise library

Video and audio files with guided practice routines

Kickstarter week with daily classes 3/1-6/1

See timetable below

Masterclasses and Workshops

Full timetable to be announced soon

'Singers Hang-Out'/Community

Share your process, wins, and challenges with other members of the Beyond Vocals Community.

Morning Warm-Ups and Vocal Workshops

These sessions will be tailored to the group

Guest Artists Interviews

Two artists will join us for two separate sessions to discuss their artist's careers and creative choices.

15-minute check-ins 

(book an extra session whenever you need extra support and guidance).


See the full outline of the program below 


£675 (£225/month direct debit)


Early bird Fee: £585 (£195/month direct debit)

(SIGN UP BEFORE 15th of March)


Being a part of the Beyond Vocals community has opened up my mind and enriched my life this year. It’s the first space I’ve ever had in which to discuss the creative process with other singers, gain insight into other people’s artistic journeys, and discuss our hang-ups and insecurities frankly". 



"The framework of weekly meet-ups motivates me to complete the little goals I set for myself, and I love Emilia’s practical, concrete approach to getting over emotional or creative blocks". 



"This is such a vibrant community of artists, from all over the world and at all different stages of artistic development, and it has been a joy to connect and support each other and celebrate each other’s wins". 



"We’ve had fantastic sessions on songwriting, jazz phrasing, rhythm - the list goes on!! But what the B.V. program has really transformed for me this year is my relationship to practice. I am so grateful to Emilia for helping me trust the process and enjoy the ride". 

Winter Season Program

3rd of January-March 31st


You are not expected to attend all these sessions. Feel free to pick and choose the sessions you feel most support your individual direction.

(All classes will be recorded for later use).



 January 3rd 19.00 Vocal workshop: Welcome meeting + Vocal Warm up Routine


January 4th 19.00 Vocal Workshop: The Voice is an Interactive System


January 5th 11.00 Vocal Workshop: The practice POD


January 6th, 14.00-15.30 Vocal Workshop + Feedback session



 We meet every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning

January 9th 19.00 Class: GOAL SETTING-Setting our creative intentions for 2024

January 10th 09.00 Class: GOAL SETTING-Setting our creative intentions for 2024

January 16th 19.00 Class; HABIT FORMATIONS

January 17th 09.00 Class: HABIT FORMATIONS

January 23rd 19.00 Singers hang out 

January 24th 09.00 Singers hang out 

January 25th 19.00 Music Theory for Songwriters

January 30th 19.00 Vocal Workshop/Open Mic Session

January 31st 09.00 Morning Warm-up



February 6th 19.00 Class: Make your practice FUN and inspiring

February 7th 09.00 Class: Make your practice FUN and inspiring

February 13th 19.00 Singers hang out

February 14th 09.00 Singers hang out

February 20th 19.00 Vocal Workshop/Open Mic Session

February 21st 09.00 Morning warm-up

February 22nd 19.00 Music Theory for Songwriters

February 27th 19.00 Class: GUEST ARTIST

February 28th 09.00 Class: Singers hang out




March 5th 19.00 Singers Hang-Out 

March 6th 09.00 Singers Hang out 

March 12th 19.00 GUEST ARTIST

March 13th 09.00 Morning warm-up

March 19th 19.00 Class: Vocal Improvisation and Jazz Phrasing

March 20th 09.00 Class: Vocal Improv and Jazz Phrasing

March 21st 19.00 Music Theory for Songwriters

March 26th 19.00 Class: Performance Mindset

March 27th 09.00 Class: Performance Mindset

*March 28th, 19.00-20.30 FINAL PERFORMANCE

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