About 'Beyond Vocals'

How it all began....

Hey! I am so glad you have found your way here! My name is Emilia and I am an award winning singer, album releasing artist, composer, music educator and the founder of 'Beyond Vocals'. 


It all started when I was around four years old. My mother tells me I was constantly singing and so she decided to put me in a choir with the hope it would give me an outlet so she could have some peace and quite around the house. Ha! I think that plan backfired as singing became my whole life right there and then with endless performances in all shapes and forms. 


When I was 15 I heard my first jazz record, Nancy Wilson and Canonball Adderley and I was hooked! I spent my whole teenage years listening to all the old school jazz singers and records and felt deeper in love with Ella Fiztgerald, Chet Baker, Bille Holiday and Sarah Vaughn to name but a few.


At 16 I had my own jazz ensemble and we played regularly at my parents restaurant 'The Garden of Lust' in the Swedish country side. Eventually my amazing parents decided to open up our very own jazz club,: 'Jazz in the Stables' which we ran for 12 years. This became a regular perfromance platform for me and my sister who also sings, and an amazing school for us to listen and learn from some of Sweden's most prominent jazz artists. It was amazing! 


As a young teenager I'd already decided that one day I would move to London after having visited the capital during a school trip. As soon as I turned 18 I was off to England. I studied at Colchester Institute for 2 years and went to London most weekends to sing at a jam at the famous 'JAZZ CAFE". 

In 2002 I got a place at Trinity College of Music where I did my 4 year long degree in Jazz voice. 

After graduation i started singing in the contemporary jazz ensemble 'Kairo's 4tet.' which launched me on to the Jazz Scene.

In 2014 the group won a MOBO award and we are still performing together today. (www.kairos4tet.com)

I released my debut album in 2012, a duo project with pianist Barry Green. I was named 'The new face of British' jazz by The Observer and have since then performed in various constellations all over the world and was awarded 'Vocalist of the year' at The Parliamentary Jazz Awards in 2016. 

(See www.emiliamartensson.com for more info about my artistic career). 

I have always had a passion for exploring and studying different voices. So I suppose it was natural that I would eventually go in to teaching. I never thought I would become as passionate about teaching singing as I am about making music and performing.  However, my educational projects has become a part of creative outlet and I get excitement out of creating new workshops and courses where singers can meet and explore their voices together. 

I started Beyond Vocals in 2013 with the wish and aim to create a community and platform for singers with an interest to dig deeper in to individual expression, improvisation, jazz repertoire and ways to develop  band leading skills whilst gaining more performance experience. 

I view jazz as an approach to music and my workshops revolve mainly around this approach as I believe it has a clear and direct way to exploring individual expression. It pushes you towards developing the skill of how to make musical decision in the moment. 

I have always found this approach to be super exciting and I love running these workshops and masterclasses. Together with some of London's most sought after professional instrumentalist we explore how you can create something new and unique in each performance through exploring the interaction between vocalist and instrumentalist. (Read more about my workshops under 'Upcoming workshops'). 


I am proud to have built up a beautiful and committed community of approximately 300 singers from all over the world through my regular Jazz Vocal Summer Courses and Vocal Festival in Slovenia and through my regular workshops and open mic sessions in London. During the last 10 years i have also brought my 'Beyond Vocals' workshops and masterclasses to high profile festivals such as The EFG London Jazz Festival, The Sligo Project, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Cambridge Jazz Festival and I also regularly travel to Dublin to host workshops to a committed group of singers there.  


I would love to hear from you and invite you in to the 'Beyond Vocals' community. Please subscribe to my newsletters to stay in touch and learn about new upcoming events. 

Lots of love/Emilia <3


'It can still be pretty rare to find someone at the top of their game as an artist and musician, who is able to communicate and share their insight and depth of knowledge: someone, who seems genuinely dedicated to bring out the absolute best in each person, wherever they are currently at  in their musical journey, with so much energy, professionalism, and heart felt honesty and wisdom.

The way she taught us, as individual  voices, within a beautifully held, supportive group space, touched me deeply, as well as helping to develop many concrete new skills, in a very short time. Each day was filled with a mixture of warmth, practical guidance, discipline and precision, fun, hard work, creative imagination, and a lot of humanity'. -Malka

"The course took me from amateur to being able to perform in a professional manner, in less than a week. Emilia was professional, creative and incredibly supportive of all her students on the course, getting to know each of us individually and developing us in our own direction. Best thing I've ever done in my life"  -Alice

"I have learnt about things I wasn't expecting to learn about. The warmth of the environment encouraged me to push myself to try new things. It has more than met my expectations." -Nell

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Address: Beyond vocals is based in North London



I have always dreamt about running my own Vocal Festival and in September 2018 I arranged my very first 'Beyond Vocals' Festival in my beloved Izola in Slovenia, which is my second home. The festival offers an exciting program of concerts and open mic sessions as well as workshops and masterclasses for singers of all levels, (age 18 and above) who are interested in jazz, folk and contemporary music. The festival takes place over a long weekend in September and is a chance to combine a summer holiday by the sea with inspiring and developing vocal workshops and masterclasses. In the evenings, after your afternoon swim in the Adriatic sea, you get to immerse yourself in amazing vocal music ranging from Jazz, Folk, Art.Pop, Classical, World etc. All concerts takes place in the evenings on the local square. -VOCAL MASTERCLASSES AND WORKSHOPS -ENSEMBLE SINGING AND GROUP WORK -EVENING CONCERTS presenting some of Beyond Vocals favourite singers -OPEN TO ALL SINGERS of all musical backgrounds and experiences 18+ Last years performances were:The Magic Lantern, Fini Bearman, ELDA Trio ad Marina Martensson. FOR MORE INFO GO TO 'BEYOND VOCALS FESTIVAL' or email me: livemiliamusic@gmail.com