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Vocal Lessons, Jazz Workshops & Summer Courses

Beyond Vocals

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“If I cannot fly, let me sing.” ― Stephen Sondheim

Photo: Igor Opassi


Are you a singer who would like to develop your artistic identity and unique vocal sound? Would you like to explore vocal improvisation and improve your ability in trusting your musical instincts? Do you often feel stuck within your repertoire and want to become more expressive and imaginative within your approach to singing? Do you often feel inferior around instrumentalists and feel you would like to advance your overall musicianship skills as a singer? 

Beyond Vocals provides vocal lessons, summer jazz courses, performance opportunities, and recording experiences with the aim to help singers become better-equipped musicians, bandleaders, and artists. We nurture and cultivate singers' natural vocal abilities and provide tools for improving technique and overall approach. 

The platform offers opportunities where singers get the chance to work with highly acclaimed professional musicians, whilst connecting with a community of like-minded singers. 

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