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Beyond Vocals 
Singing lessons & Mentorship for singers

Join our international vocal community through a 3-month online program containing interactive workshops, encouraging open mic sessions, and collaborative songwriting sessions.


Benefit from personalised coaching and tap into our extensive vocal exercise library, tailored to fuel your individual practice. 


This program is tailored for singers wanting to cultivate self-awareness in their artistic identity and forge a sustainable practice routine aligned with their vocal ambitions.

Emilia Mårtensson-Singer, Artist, Singing teacher & Mentor.

"If I can not fly, let me sing"-Stephen Sondheim.

From a young age, I found solace in singing freely around the house, uninhibited by any constraints. At five years old, my mother enrolled me in the local children's choir. I loved it! I was caught many times holding the music score upside down, but always singing with unbridled passion. Singing made me feel as though I were soaring.

As artists, we yearn for those moments of pure transcendence, where we lose ourselves in the music and time stands still. Though elusive, this state is both magical and addictive.

We sing with our minds! As a singing teacher, I'm passionate about refining not only our vocal prowess but also our mindset toward creativity and performance.

In my work with clients, I help them uncover what truly matters to them as singers, artists, writers, and musicians. Together, we explore ways to optimize their creative process, delving into all aspects of vocal artistry. This includes crafting sustainable and inspiring practice routines, fostering healthy habits, and cultivating a fresh mindset toward creativity.


Come along for a ride of self-discovery and musical growth! Together, we'll uncover the true power of your voice and artistic expression.

Lovely photo’s taken by @davidharveysceneandheard from my single release last week! 🙏 #da
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A new season of the Beyond Vocals Program starts on the 15th of APRIL

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The 10th Year Anniversary

Jazz Vocal Summer Course in Slovenia

AUGUST 4th-11th

Application process 12/4-15/5
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“This is such a vibrant community of artists, from all over the world and at all different stages of artistic development, and it has been a joy to connect and support each other and celebrate each other’s wins”. 

Fleur De Wit


Let's work together

Book a FREE consultation session

Are you a singer seeking to refine your artistic identity and craft a distinctive approach to singing? Do you want to delve into vocal improvisation, enhancing your confidence in trusting your musical intuition? Are you looking to break free from the confines of your repertoire, eager to infuse your singing with greater expression and creativity? Perhaps you've felt overshadowed by instrumentalists and aspire to elevate your musicianship skills as a vocalist.

Let's connect and explore your aspirations and wishes. I'm here to listen, collaborate, and tailor a plan that aligns with your unique journey.

I would love to hear from you!

Emilia x

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